Monday, January 3, 2011

First 1,000 Miles

Well I finally got to drive her out today, just a circular loop Bonar Bridge, Lairg and back via Loch Fleet and Embo. The drive itself was pleasant, though the scenery was far from spectacular today, the grey drizzle coming down from the hills and mountains offered nothing for scenic travelling or viewing.

She handled well on the bends, took her through some gear changes, giving the box something to do other than idle itself in D. On the return leg I passed my first 1,000 miles, just waiting for garage to confirm when they'll sort the fluid changes out for me.

I can't see the under seal coatings being applied just yet, so as long as the fluids are done reasonably quickly I'll be happier. Have sorted the car cover out too, will be putting that on tomorrow when I get back from a brief trip out visiting some friends.