Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Air Conditioning Pump

As promised my new pump arrived early this morning.

Great service from the Auto Air Con Parts team...!

Hopefully the garage will fit me in within the next couple of weeks to fit the part.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Air Conditioning Pump


After collecting her from the under seal job I thought I should fill the petrol up ready for a run out. As I pulled away from the pumps and screeching noise followed by a bang happened.

Discovering no power steering I guessed the belt snapped, it sure had so was taken back to the garage by low loader.

Later that afternoon, the phone call confirmed the snapped belt and also the Air Con Pump had seized, so I've just paid out for another, slightly cheaper than Fords wanted for a incomplete refurb unit at £500+, I got one complete for under £300.

Under Sealed

Mid June

I had the car under sealed using Dinitrol, the kit was nearly £100 but has done the job nicely according to the mechanic who sprayed her up.